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Assistance Provided

Most applications: The area where the greatest help was needed in recent years was in heating assistance. Cases where people had exhausted their heating allowance under HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) and were months away from any further governmental assistance.

Other Requests: The second most applications were made for gasoline to get back and forth to medical appointments. These requests covered the territory of Albany. Almost all these requests were for appointments outside the local area and unavailable at Glens Falls.

Numerous Others: There were a number of cases of individuals and families just falling on “hard times.” There were cases of people suddenly losing their jobs and finding themselves without income, but still having to pay current bills, or the elderly couple, both disabled, unable to deal with mounting bills because of the increase in the cost of essential services; or the suddenly unemployed who had no income to provide meals for the family. Many cases dealt with those being in “limbo” until social services such as food stamps began. Fortunately most of these were of short duration. Assistance has also been provided to families facing a "Final Disconnect" notice from their power company.

Other areas: There were more than a hundred individuals and families assisted through the Fund’s Holiday Drive. Most of the assistance from this program was for winter clothing, or clothing in general.

What Kind of Assistance Is Available?

This is a question often asked of the Fund. The answer is "almost anything." But generally the assistance may be a food allotment at a supermarket, or heating assistance when HEAP has been exhausted, or gas for a car that is taking someone to medical appointments. But it may also be a clothing allotment, or the help with a specific type of bill, or in the case of a family facing a crisis and having lost everything it might be a combination of items.
  But in all cases, the assistance is given through a business, and at no time does the person or family receive it directly.

The Helpers Fund is a 501(c)3 charity certified by the Internal Revenue Service and governed by the IRS Regulations governing charities. The Fund is incorporated under the laws of New York State's Department of State, and is registered with the New York State Bureau of Charities.

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