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Annual Holiday Drive

Contributions to the Helpers Fund Holiday Drive can be made online, using our secure form.

At the close of each year, the Helpers Fund conducts its Holiday Drive. This is our principal fundraiser of the year. All funds received during this period are used to assist area individuals and families throughout the following year. This enables us to be of help in many ways such as: winter clothing, food, heating assistance, power bills and emergency payments for other necessities.

The Holiday Drive has been an integral part of our fundraising efforts at the Fund since our first year of operation.

During the holiday season the fund provides eligible people in Chestertown, Pottersville, Brant Lake and Schroon Lake with clothing that they need to make winter a little more enjoyable. Each adult is allowed to choose two items of clothing, while children under 17 are allowed four items. Many of these families are also provided additional assistance in the way of food or heating fuel as required.

For the third year, the Fund is providing children with toys to make their Christmas morning a happy and memorable experience.

As in previous years, we have five areas that you can direct your donation towards. This is an effort to allow you to tailor where your money goes. For instance, the Fund supervises the Chestertown Food Pantry and there is an option for you to direct your donation to that specific service.

There is also an option for "Food Assistance" which is in addition to the "Food Pantry." In some cases there is a need for additional food assistance during the holidays and this option allows us to help if there is a special requirement that we are presented with; sometimes it is to help the family struggling to make ends meet but their income places them above the poverty level and therefore ineligible for food stamps; or a family in need that has recently moved into the area but has not fulfilled the residency requirements for social services; or a veteran on VA Disability whose monthly food stamps are not enough and who needs a helping hand.

We hope that you will be able to participate in this years Holiday Fund Drive.

Whether you are able to participate or not, The Helpers Fund hopes you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

Details for the 2023 Holiday Drive are on this site, as well as a printable form which you can use to send your contribution via U.S. Mail. Contributions to the Helpers Fund Holiday Drive can also be made online, using our secure form.

The Helpers Fund is a 501(c)3 charity certified by the Internal Revenue Service and governed by the IRS Regulations governing charities. The Fund is incorporated under the laws of New York State's Department of State, and is registered with the New York State Bureau of Charities.

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